About Us

Since its beginnings in the mid 1970s, NASDI has been partnering with public, private, and institutional clients to help reshape America’s cities, as well as assisting in the improvement of civil, industrial, and marine infrastructures. The scope of NASDI’s service offerings allows its clients to employ NASDI as a single source provider on projects that would otherwise require multiple specialty subcontractors. From the demolition of commercial buildings to the decommissioning, dismantling and salvaging of industrial facilities to the abatement of universities and hospitals to the removal of heavy-civil structures, NASDI has the work history, specialized labor and modern equipment to safely prepare its clients’ sites for the next phase of development.

NASDI's services encompass a broad array of deconstruction and remediation services split into six core areas: preconstruction, demolition, abatement/hazardous was remediation, asset recovery, and program management. NASDI maintains the capabilities to undertake all services related to decommisioning, closure and demolition, as well as oversee the beginning phases of facility's replacement.

NASDI not only self-performs all of their own demolition, but we have added asbestos abatement and hazardous waste remediation as one of our major service offerings and provides these services through efficient preparation and execution by trained laborers and experienced foreman. NASDI personnel are experienced in a wide variety of abatement techniques, and are licensed and trained in all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations. Through the use of our cross-trained work force NASDI is able to combine the strengths of our many service lines and provide a single turnkey resource for hazardous materials abatement and demolition.

NASDI is a proud member
of the National
Demolition Association
Quick Facts
  • $100+ million in annual sales
  • $50 million single projects and $600 million aggregate bonding capacity
  • $25 million in Excess Liability Insurance Coverage
  • Nationwide services
  • Deep commitment to health and safety. EMR of 0.80.
  • Strong financial backing from parent company
  • Owns modern fleet of specialized demolition equipment
  • Maintains experienced, local, diverse workforce
  • Experience in LEED project participation
  • Industry leaders for more than 35 years